Chock Full of Beans: Coffee that Tastes as Good as it Looks!

Searching for a warm and cozy environment ideal for unwinding over some good ol’ coffee?

Chock Full of Beans might just be the place you are looking for.

Tucked away in a quiet corner on Changi Village Road, Chock Full of Beans has already earned online recognition for their unique 2D and 3D Latte Art specially designed by their in-house baristas. (Instagrammers where you guys at?!) They are able to create various designs at a maximum wait of 30 minutes. Sample designs are available on their Instagram page.

The café is rather small and houses limited seating indoors, but fret not- they have plenty of seats outside as well.



The staff were also very friendly and attentive, rushing over to greet us even before we stepped inside.

I ordered the Hazelnut Latte ($6.50) and was informed that I could request for a specific 3D latte art of my choice. I opted for one with cute looking bears.


My latte arrived after a 20 minutes wait. Worth it though, because it looked so adorable and I was really impressed by the intricate details on the foam. The rich hazelnut flavour worked harmoniously with the strong coffee, leaving an impressionable aftertaste in my mouth. I was able to smell the fragrance exuded when the foam was stirred into the silky latte. One of the better Hazelnut Lattes among those I have tried so far- creamy with a good eruption of flavors.

The café also serves brunch, lunch, dinner and desserts.

I chose Carbonara and Poached Egg ($16) from their dinner menu. Pastas are only available after 6pm daily.


It was rather tasteless, though, with just occasional hints of sweetness from the milk and cream. The only thing worth looking forward to was probably the bursting of the poached egg, which had a smooth, runny centre that enhanced the taste of the noodles for a bit. Otherwise, .. bland.

The Spicy Beef Stew ($17) consisted of beef slow-braised in spicy red wine and tomato sauce, accompanied with mash potato and broccoli.


The beef was soft and tender enough for our liking, oozing with moisture from the sauce. The sauce was rather tangy but not overwhelming since it was thin. Not particularly outstanding but still acceptable for a decent meal.

I would recommend just sticking to their artisan coffee.


Chock Full of Beans

Tues – Fri: 11.30AM to 10.15PM, Sat & Sun: 9.30AM to 10.15PM

Closed on Mondays

4 Changi Village Road #01-2090 SINGAPORE 500004

+65 62148839



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