Craving for Pancakes and Waffles? Say Hello to Clinton St. Baking Company and Restaurant!

New York’s popular South-Western food diner has finally arrived onto the shores of sunny Singapore. Earning themselves several titles such as ‘New York’s #1 Breakfast Spot’ and ‘Best Pancakes’ by various media outlets, Clinton St. Baking Company and Restaurant dishes out classic American comfort food. (Pancakes, waffles, buttermilk biscuits, fried chicken anyone???)

Located at 31 Purvis street, it is around a 10 minute walk from City Hall or Bugis MRT. Despite being surrounded by countless other food chains in that area, the restaurant’s exterior still managed to stand out with its large, ruby red signboard. The smell of buttermilk and fried chicken lingered the area, beckoning me to go in. All I can say is that I don’t have a choice when it comes to food.

For a typical Monday morning, the diner was already busy and filled with the sound of chattering customers.


We first sampled their Chicken and Waffle, which was one of their signatures. I had high expectations for this dish.

The buttermilk waffle had a thick and fluffy texture. There was nothing outstanding about it flavour-wise though, until when dipped into their signature warm maple butter syrup. The marriage of the two was simply mouth-watering as we could really taste the waffle absorbing every ounce of sweetness of the syrup.

The fried chicken was smaller than expected and looked rather pathetic as compared to the huge waffle beneath it. Despite providing a satisfying crunch with  every bite, I couldn’t help noticing how dry the chicken breast meat tasted which  reduced my overall enjoyment of the dish.


The “Spanish Scramble” ($21), contained scrambled eggs with a side of hash browns and sourdough bread.

There was a generous portion of eggs enough to be shared among 2 people. The egg mixture, which incorporated tomatoes, onions and chorizo, was creamy and moist. I would order this delectable delight again in a heartbeat.


Another signature dish, Pancakes with warm maple butter ($19), clearly lived up to the hype. We had the choice of opting for blueberries, chocolate chunks or banana walnut toppings. We decided to go with the latter.

The thick layer of fluffy pancakes certainly did not disappoint. From the first bite, it was sweet and juicy, oozing with occasional bursts of flavor from the accompaniment of the fresh bananas and walnuts. We couldn’t stop eating and exclaiming in delight. It was no wonder it had received so much praise internationally.

Clinton St. Baking Company and Restaurant is open daily and last orders are 60 minutes before closing.

Clinton St. Baking Company and Restaurant

Mon – Thu : 9AM to 6PM
Fri, Sat & Public Holidays : 8AM to 10PM
Sun : 8AM to 8PM

31 Purvis Street Singapore 188608

+65 66844845


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