Fresh fish Galore: Sukarya Fish Market

One has to taste the food at Sukaraya to know what authentic Japanese cuisine is.

I visited their outlet in West Coast plaza and was greeted with the smell of smoky grilled fish from afar. Half of the outlet is a supermarket while the other is called the ‘Catch Dining Area’ for customers to dine in. I was told that their chefs would prepare any fish that we ordered on the spot! Talk about maximal freshness.

They have countless variety of fish, from Saba to Shishamo and even Red fish.

I sampled the Maguro (Tuna) and Sashimi which were both priced at $4 for a few slices.



Having tried these dishes in countless other Japanese restaurants as well, I personally reckon that the raw fish dishes there can’t even hold a candle to those served here. The raw fish here did not reek of an unpleasant ‘fishy’ stench that some second-rate fish would usually have. Top quality, I would say. The sashimi melted in my mouth instantly.

We also sampled the Soba noodles set($12), Unagi grilled eel($13) and Tempura ($8). In particular, the tempura batter was crisp enough for our liking. 10/10 would return.




Fish Market Sakuraya

Open daily 11AM to 10PM

154 West Coast Road , #B1-50 West Coast Plaza, West Coast Plaza, 127371

+65 6773 6973




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