Dal.Komm Coffee: Ultimate Heaven for DOTS fans

Franchise outlet of popular Korean drama DOTS (Descendants of the Sun) has made its way to Singapore amidst the not-yet-subsiding hype.


Once you step in, be prepared to see countless DOTS merchandise adorning the café, such as photo books, tumbler bottles and even their classic stuffed toys that fans would already be familiar with.



They also broadcast replays of the drama at the café 24/7. Daily dose of Song Joong Ki on a HD TV anyone? (Cue squealing fangirls)

Frequent visitors of this café can consider purchasing Dal.Komm’s various limited designs membership cards with membership perks, at a first time upload of $50.

Customers are offered a countless array of items on their menu, including signatures such as their Cherry Tomatoes Bingsu (Shaved Ice) and Cube (Ice espresso cubes in milk) drinks. They also serve drool-worthy looking cakes.


I sampled the Strawberry Cube at $8.50 (other choices include blueberry, chocolate, mango and honey) and I believe that this drink is worth returning to Dal.Komm for.  At first sip, the strawberry pulp on the top layer provides a tangy sourness to the tongue. Mix it well and you would realize that the sourness is well-balanced by the rich lather of strawberry cream and milk in the remaining layers, leaving a sweet, creamy aftertaste that leaves you begging for more.


The Gorgonzola pizza ($10) is great for sharing among 2pax. I was told that it was made up of simply.. cheese!



The pizza was served to us hot, enhancing the flavor of each string of melted cheese. The only downside, perhaps, was how thin each slice was.


I was also recommended their new ‘Cream Kiss’ series, which included a Strawberry Matcha blend. Apparently, one had to drink it without a straw for maximum enjoyment. Maybe it was to give us a cream moustache. The Matcha had a strong and distinct flavour. It was topped off with a dash of strawberry cream that melted in our mouth. Heavenly.

Dal.Komm Coffee

Open daily 10am-10pm

76 Orchard Road, #01-01/02, #01-03/04, #01-05/06, #01-102/103,

The Centrepoint SINGAPORE 238843



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