ROLL 101- Korean street food and dessert

ROLL 101 is an unassuming, small shop hidden at a corner of the first floor of Orchard Gateway. I would say that the store layout is definitely not something that catches one’s eye at first glance and it was rather deserted when I paid it a visit.


And don’t be fooled either- their signboard only states ‘101’ (which looks like IOI instead), although their actual names includes a ‘roll’ in it for their signature korean kimbab rolls.

ROLL 101 also sells various Korean street food, such as Odeng fishcake soup, rice cakes and ramen at cheap prices, all great for satisfying that korean food urge when you have limited moolah to spend.FullSizeRender(11)

I already had my meal elsewhere and decided to sample their special Tiramisu yogurt ice cream as dessert instead.


The ice cream was served to me in a simple plastic cup, topped off with crushed biscuits and an oreo cookie. It also came with a plastic syringe loaded with chocolate syrup that we supposed to drizzle over the ice cream ourselves.

I definitely have to give the yogurt ice cream its due praise because for somebody who is not fond of tiramisu, I found it really savory. I was able to taste a good amount of alcohol (not too overpowering) in the tiramisu, balanced off with sweetness from the ice cream. The yogurt wasn’t unbearably sour either and it left me wanting more. It came with a sponge cake base at the bottom as well. For $6, it tastes nicer than it initially looks.


ROLL 101

Open daily 9am-10.30 pm

01-09A Gateway, 218 Orchard Rd


6385 4979


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