Forever happy? FOH Cafe

FOH cafe- which stands for Forever Happy Cafe after a recent name change- lies in the quiet neighbourhood of the north at Woodgrove.



I would say that FOH is not yet a very established business yet. Judging from past few visits and some casual chats with the baristas there, FOH struggles with manpower and other insider issues that any newly set up businesses would probably face. Staff there were also rather uncertain when posed with questions.

That aside, F.O.H offers coffee made by their skilled baristas. They also serve daily set meals that come with mains and cakes. Discounts for students are also available on certain days and timings of the week.

Their drinks menu offers a rather great variety.


We sampled their plain latte at $6. It wasn’t bad but nothing out of the ordinary. Good enough for anybody who just wants to get their daily dose of caffeine.


We also tried their Matcha and Hazelnut blended, both priced at $6 each. I would recommend the Hazlenut blended, which had a very distinct flavour of both Hazelnut and coffee that was rich and creamy. Matcha was so-so and tasted rather powdery towards the end.


F.O.H also packages handmade cookies for sale on their takeaway counter, which we bought. I kid you not – their chocolate cookies tasted like rocks. It was so hard to crunch that we had to dispose off it. Not a very pleasant experience.

In my honest opinion, FOH lacks that sparkle that would draw customers from afar just to visit their cafe due to a lackluster menu. It would be a good place for residents around the area to just settle down for a cup of coffee to unwind, though. But let your own tongues be the judge.

F.O.H Café 

30 Woodlands Avenue 1, #01-02/18


Mon – Thursday 8-8PM

Closed on Fridays

Sat and Sun 9-9PM


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